Massage Terms & Conditions

- Horse owner is required to be at the first appointment. Following appointments do not require the horse owner to be present, however, the horse should be ready to his/her massage. Please notify barn management so they can be brought in and ready. 


- Please allow 1 - 1.5 hours for the massage appointment

- Please have the horse clean and ready to be massaged. (A quick brush down is fine, just not caked with dirt).  Please avoid using coat spays before the appointment and make sure the horse is dry, I cannot work on wet horses. Have fly-spray on hand if needed. 

- Horses ridden before the appointment must be given time to cool down. Their heart rate should be back to normal and if they were sweating, they should be dry. 

- Please plan ahead to ensure that the horse will have the remainder of the day off from work, ideally the following day as well, especially if the appointment is in the afternoon. 

- Massage should be scheduled not earlier than 48 hours after vaccinations. 

- Please provide a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel your appointment. Failure to provide notice will result in a $40 cancellation fee. 

- No-show appointments will incur the full appointment charge. 

- If you are running late, please notify Revitalizing Equine Services, LLC. We will wait no more than 15 minutes without notification. This time runs into your horses session and they may not receive the full amount of massage time. 

- Please inform Revitalizing Equine Services, LLC of any physical or behavioral issues the horse may have prior to massaging. 

- There are contraindications to equine massage such as fever, skin infections, medical issues, disease, cancer, or injury. Owners are encouraged to speak with their veterinarian prior to scheduling a massage if they believe their horse falls into one of these categories.  

- Revitalizing Equine Services, LLC does not provide massage services to horses under sedation. 


- Revitalizing Equine Services, LLC may require a vet referral prior to massage. 

- If the horse becomes dangerous in any way during the appointment and the therapist's safety or the horse's safety is at risk, Revitalizing Equine Services, LLC will stop the appointment and no refunds will be issued. 

- All owners are required to sign a new client form and services agreement before the first appointment. 

Sharon, MA

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