Equine massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues using a variety of massage techniques to relieve areas of discomfort. 

Massage helps keep equine athletes performing at their best. Horses of all breeds, ages and disciplines can benefit from a massage. 

Benefits of massage include:

- Reduction of muscle tension and stiffness

- Relief of muscle spasms

- Increased blood and lymph circulation

- Reduction of inflammation and swelling in the joints

- Enhanced muscle tone and range of motion

- Relief of stress and aids in relaxation

- Injury prevention and increased performance

Massage is not a one time fix. It requires time and consistency to yield best results. It takes time for horses to create imbalances and tension, therefore it takes time to restore that balance and relieve that tension. Maintenance massages are best when done every 4-6 weeks, depending on your horses workload. 

Massage is not a replacement or substitution for veterinary care.

Revitalizing Equine Services, LLC does not advise, diagnose or treat illness,

make skeletal adjustments or prescribe medications.

Sharon, MA

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