Just because your horse isn't showing doesn't mean they shouldn't be clipped!


Clipping is important for the health and hygiene of horses skin. It prevents the build up of dirt and sweat that can cause irritation or infection. It allows horses in work to cool down faster and makes it easier to assess the horses weight. 

Clipping also gives horses a clean and well put together look for the show ring!

Miniature Horses

Head and Neck: $25

Full Body: $50

Show Clip: $60

Ponies and Horses

Trace: $50 and up

Full Body: $100 and up

General Clean Up

Whiskers, Bridle Path, Ears, Legs: $25

Additional Services

Bath: $15

Bath and blow dry: $30

Sheath or udder cleaning: $15

*Travel fees of $0.54 cents/mile apply for horses located 30 miles outside Sharon, MA. Travel fees may be split between clients. ​

Trace Clip
Full Body Clip
Trace Clip
Kid Pip
Two Sox

Clipping is not a replacement or substitution for veterinary care.

Revitalizing Equine Services, LLC does not advise, diagnose or treat illness,

make skeletal adjustments or prescribe medications.

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